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The Importance of Protein Post-WLS

The Importance of Protein Post-WLS

After weight loss surgery, one of the most important components in staying healthy is getting enough protein. You have probably heard people talk about how you should always start by eating your protein first during a meal. This is because the space is limited in your new stomach, and you must make sure you have enough room to get all the nutrition from the protein. After weight loss surgery, it should not be about eating the tastiest of foods any longer. It truly needs to be about getting the most nutrition in, including making sure you start with your protein. There are so many benefits from protein after weight loss surgery, and you must take it seriously to keep your body healthy.

Protein plays a huge role in your healing after bariatric surgery. It also helps keep your body functioning correctly and keeps your hair, skill, and nails healthy. Protein is important because it ensures your body is burning fat instead of muscle for the most effective weight loss, and it also increases your metabolism. It can also help curb your appetite, which is helpful with staying on track on a bariatric journey.

It is recommended that bariatric patients consume 70-90 grams of protein per day. This might seem impossible, but it is important to make sure you hit this goal every day. There are so many creative ways to ensure you are getting enough protein. You need to make sure you are doing right from the start by incorporating a protein shake into your diet. There are so many wonderful shakes out there, and you can find them sitting at around 30 grams per shake. This is a great way to start out your day to make sure you are meeting your goal. You can also find a lot of great bariatric products in the marketplace these days. It is amazing to see what is out there because they are all low in sugar and high in protein. I would highly recommend that you find some tasty products to try to help keep you on track. Just because we have to get this much protein every day does not mean it only comes from meat.

As a bariatric patient, it can sometimes be overwhelming to keep up with all the requirements after surgery. However, this is something you do not want to slip on. Protein is critical in making sure your body is functioning the way it needs to after surgery. It is not just about muscle with protein. It truly is the building block to maintaining a healthy lifestyle after surgery. Make sure you take the time to track your protein every day and find new ways to hit your goal if you are struggling. I was not always good with getting enough protein into my diet, and I felt like my body suffered. However, I can feel a huge difference when I put the time into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting my protein in for the day. You will overall feel healthier if you prioritize this in your life after bariatric surgery.

So, if you are just now starting your journey, I encourage you to track your protein and pay attention to the types of foods you enjoy eating that are stronger in protein. Make sure you keep those foods high on your list and choose them before going for carbs or other foods. Take your surgeon seriously when they stress the importance of protein, and it will help you keep yourself accountable to ensure you are not getting deficient after surgery.


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