Sky-High Grocery Bills? Our Tips for Affordable & Healthy Shopping

Article By: Whittany Gibson, RDN

Whittany is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who specializes in bariatric nutrition counseling, providing education and support prior to and following weight loss surgery.

You’ve had weight loss surgery, and you’re ready to get out there and start shopping for healthier food options... But once you start browsing the aisles of your local grocery store, you may find yourself asking, “How can I do this without breaking the bank?" Sometimes it seems that you end up paying a substantial price for health and convenience. But don’t worry! In this post, we’ll be exploring some budget-friendly grocery shopping strategies for your post-surgery life.

1) Reevaluate where you shop. The first step in budgeting your grocery bills is deciding where to shop. This can range from traditional local supermarkets to discount stores like Aldi. Farmers’ markets are great places to find fresh produce at lower prices than supermarkets, and if you know when they close up shop, you can often score great deals on leftover items at discounted prices! Just make sure you check the quality of any products before buying them. Another option is joining a subscription farm service like Farm Fresh To You. These services offer boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door every week or month, allowing you to save money while enjoying top-quality produce.

2) Try new protein options. Protein is an essential part of any diet, but it can be expensive when purchased from the supermarket. Luckily, there are plenty of budget-friendly protein sources available that are plant-based and more cost-efficient if you’re willing to try some “meatless” options. Canned beans and lentils are both high in protein and relatively inexpensive compared to other protein sources like steak or chicken breasts. Tofu is another excellent source that can be easily seasoned or marinated for delicious meals without breaking the bank. Don’t forget canned and frozen fish! Tuna and canned salmon are economical and come in various flavors. Frozen fish fillets are also affordable and easy to prepare in minutes! Lastly, try shopping at bulk stores like Costco or Sam’s Club, as purchasing in bulk can be much more cost-efficient. Divide your proteins into what you’ll use soon, and freeze the rest for later.

3) Consider convenience after WLS. Sometimes it's hard enough getting through your daily routine after WLS — let alone finding time for grocery shopping! Luckily, there are now a variety of convenient services that make it easier than ever before for busy people to get their groceries delivered right to their doorsteps. Services like Instacart allow users to order groceries online from their local stores with just a few clicks and have them delivered within hours or days (depending on availability). Many local grocery stores and larger stores like Walmart also offer same-day or next-day grocery delivery.

With so many options available today for budget-conscious shoppers after WLS, there's no need to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Whether you're finding discounts at farmers' markets or ordering groceries online with delivery services like Instacart — getting healthy food without breaking the bank isn't an impossible task anymore! It may take some planning, but in the long run, it can be more affordable and convenient for you. By taking advantage of these money-saving tips and tricks, you'll be able to stock-up on nutritious foods while keeping costs low.

BariMelts provides general recommendations, not to be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor.

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