Relationships and Weight Loss Surgery

Relationships take a lot of work. That is no question. What about after weight loss surgery though? Do things change? Are relationships harder? The short answer is, it depends. Each couple handles weight loss surgery differently. Some people get closer after weight loss surgery, while others are pulled farther apart. Either way, bariatric surgery can be a huge change for a relationship. 

Weight loss surgery is a journey and it’s one that needs a healthy support system. In my opinion, one of the tests for a relationship is during the pre-op stage. This is where you will be making the first few changes to your lifestyle. If you are with someone who is supportive, it is a lot easier to make that transition. If they aren’t supportive during the pre-op stage, they more than likely won’t be supportive throughout the entire journey. I have heard stories where the spouse continues to eat badly in front of the bariatric patient and it caused a huge issue for them. On the other hand, I have heard amazing stories about how supportive the spouse was. 

Some people say that they have a stronger relationship after weight loss surgery because they have more confidence and self-love. When we are healthier for ourselves first, we can be healthier in our relationships as well. It is an amazing feeling when you have more confidence and feel sexier in your own skin. When you think more positively about yourself, it radiates and people want to be around someone who has so much positive energy. It makes sense why relationships get stronger after surgery. 

Sadly, there are some relationships out there that suffer after weight loss surgery. Some people just can’t handle the changes that take place. It might be because they aren’t willing to get healthy themselves, or it could be that the love just isn’t as strong afterward. One thing to remember as a weight loss surgery patient is that it is not your fault. If your relationship fails after the surgery, do not let it take over your mind where you blame yourself and think you aren’t good enough. You deserve to be with someone that loves you at all stages of your journey. Be proud of your accomplishments and be with someone who is proud of you as well. You deserve happiness no matter what size you are. 

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