Relationships After WLS

A lot can change after weight loss surgery. You are dropping weight fast and getting healthier than you have ever been in your life. It is a huge step and something you should be proud of. One of the most important things to remember after bariatric surgery is how critical it is to have a support system. Having a good group of people to cheer you on during your journey will help you be more successful. However, it is not always easy to find that. You might have had a close group of friends before surgery that you begin to get disconnected from after the procedure. As hard as this is to accept, sometimes you have to let go of a few friendships. 

When I first had the surgery 7 years ago, I felt on top of the world. I was making so many positive changes and it felt amazing to be in control of my health. For the most part, I had a great support system. However, there were a few friends that really struggled with my new lifestyle. I remember there were a couple of my friends that would get frustrated when I did not want to go out to dinner with them anymore. They did not understand how serious I was on my journey and they thought I would just go back to my old ways like I always had done in the past. They would try to convince me that it was fine for me to go with them if I only ate a little, but they did not understand that I truly just could not say no to my addiction. It was really hard trying to balance my friendships and new lifestyle, but I will say I really found out who my true friends are.

Even though I had some tough relationships, overall, I had such a great group of people that made sacrifices to make my life easier after bariatric surgery. They would make sure they ate before they came to see me and it made things so much better for me. It was really hard for me to be around food for a long time, so when they showed their commitment to my journey like that it really helped me stay focused. They were also so positive and anytime I had huge milestones, they would celebrate with me. I absolutely loved shopping with them and it was so fun to be able to have a positive group of people that influenced me. 

One thing I learned after weight loss surgery is that relationships change over time and through different stages of your life. It can be hard sometimes, especially if you have to let go of some of those friendships, but I promise you that you will come out stronger in the end. Some people might react poorly to your weight loss surgery, while others will be the biggest cheerleaders of your life. It is important to recognize the difference in those friendships early on so you can keep the ones that motivate you close by. I encourage you to communicate to your friends on what you need from them to help keep you on track. Remember, having a support group is absolutely critical to be successful on this journey. The great thing about this lifestyle is there is a wonderful bariatric community where you can meet new friends that will help support you. So, if you feel like you do not have enough supportive friends, I encourage you to get out there and meet people with a similar lifestyle. You do not have to do this journey alone. Find your people, and hold onto them tight! 

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