Obsession of the Scale

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Sometimes I wonder why we are so obsessed with the scale after weight loss surgery. Why are we so consumed with being a specific weight? Our society has put so much pressure on us to be a certain weight that it causes us to have an unhealthy view of our weight. It is an extremely toxic way of looking at getting healthy. 

When I wake up and step on the scale and do not see at least a half pound loss, I am not happy. My obsession with the scale is something I have a difficult time controlling. Even though I know all the reasonings why the scale might not move, it does not make it easier for me. I have spent my entire life obsessing with my weight, that now that I am in adulthood it is ingrained in my head. 

I have been all over the scale. I have been as high as 360 and as low as 195. No matter where I am on the scale, I am always thinking I need to be lower. I sometimes wonder what I will be like when I get to my goal weight. Will I want to keep going? Will I ever be happy with where I am at? It is really frustrating having this mindset, and I will tell you it is really hard to change. I want my focus to be on getting healthy, but sometimes this obsession takes over. 

If you are like me, you have spent your entire life having these negative thoughts when it comes to the scale. I remember when I was a child, even going to the doctor gave me anxiety because I knew I would have to step on the scale. I never wanted people to see what it said. Even today, I get uncomfortable when people know my weight. This causes me a great deal of anxiety and I hate the way it consumes my mind. 

As hard as it is, I do think it is possible to heal from this and have a healthier mindset. It takes work though. Therapy is one of the best things you can do after weight loss surgery. There are many thoughts and obsessions that can happen after bariatric surgery and it is best to talk through those issues with a professional. Another thing you can do is utilize your support system. It is ok that you feel these things. It is NOT ok if you choose not to do anything about it. Find friends in the bariatric community because more than likely, they feel the same way. Try different tactics to get away from the scale. Put it away for a while. Focus on your non scale victories and reward yourself for your success. This is not an easy journey. Give yourself some grace and keep fighting! 

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  • Randy E Gilbert

    Iam 4 months post opp after gastric sleeve ,i will lose 1 lb 2 or 3 days then gain it right back in a day is very frustrating.I try and stay at same protien and carb every day and calories.But some days have cravings for something but do not know what is so, I eat to try and be satisfied.Anyone have any ideas

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