Getting Through The Holidays After WLS

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The holidays are right around the corner! Going through the holidays while you are on a weight loss surgery journey can be tricky. Halloween season has candy everywhere you look. You can’t go anywhere without seeing candy corn and chocolate pumpkins! Then Thanksgiving comes with the delicious turkey and stuffing. Once you made it through that, Christmas is right behind with tasty cookies and pies. Food is everywhere you look! So, how do you make it through? 

As a bariatric patient, it can be challenging going to parties and other events during the holiday season. You want to spend time with friends and family, but you know you will be tempted by the food. It is something we all have to face at one point or another on this weight loss surgery journey. 

One of the most helpful things you can do after bariatric surgery is keeping healthy snacks on you at all times. Whenever you are tempted by holiday food, pull out the snack you have and eat that instead. Once you are full, the cravings won’t be as strong.  Another thing you should try doing is drinking more water. A lot of times our “hunger” is actually just thirst. Again, feeling full will help get the other foods out of your mind. 

Sometimes it takes some serious meditation to control yourself from eating poorly. If you are tempted by the holiday food, step away for a few minutes and coach yourself. Remind yourself why you are on this journey. Inspire yourself and look in the mirror and be proud of yourself. Confidence goes a long way and can help get you back into the correct mindset. 

With it being the holiday season, don’t forget to treat yourself! No, don’t eat the candy or the pies, but treat yourself another way. Perhaps there is a purse you really want to buy. Give yourself a reward for saying no to food. It will be extremely hard to turn down the food, so give yourself some grace. 

If you have a healthy support system, it should be easier for you because they will hopefully steer you in the right direction. Don’t feel pressured just because you are around other people. Stay true to yourself and remember why you did this. Remember, food is not everything. You are on the path towards a healthier you! Don’t give up on yourself! You will make it through the holiday season and start your new year off right. You got this!

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  • Barbara Smith

    I really needed this. Thank you for posting.

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