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Fertility After Weight Loss Surgery

Fertility After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss has many benefits. One of those many benefits is that studies are showing it can increase fertility. If you are a woman of child bearing age, this is something important to know. One study showed that as a woman’s BMI went over 29, her chances of conceiving went down by 4% compared to a woman with a normal BMI. If you are considering weight loss surgery, this might be one of the things on your mind. It definitely played a huge role in my decision-making process.  I was 25 when I had gastric sleeve and one of the reasons I wanted to have the surgery was because I wanted to start a family. I was sitting at 360 pounds and my health was spiraling out of control. I knew that if I wanted to start a family, I needed to get healthy.

After I had bariatric surgery, I dropped weight fast. I was the healthiest I had ever been in my life. My husband and I were so anxious to get pregnant. At 1-year post-op, I started discussing it with my surgeon. I recommended that I wait until 18 months so my weight would stabilize. Being the stubborn person I am, I didn’t listen. We had been told that it could take months of trying to get pregnant, so I figured we would just go ahead and start trying and then I’d more than likely get pregnant around the 18-month post-op mark. Well, to my surprise, I got pregnant the first month of trying! I could not believe how easy it was for me because I know how much of a battle in can be for others. So, if you are considering getting pregnant after weight loss surgery, remember that more than likely your fertility is up so it might not take as long as you think! 😊


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