Fashion Tips During Quick Weight Loss

After weight loss surgery, you can expect to lose weight. It differs for everyone, but for most people the first year is when you can expect the fastest of that weight loss. It is a very special time! However, it can be both exciting and frustrating when you are losing weight so fast. Your body is changing so fast that your clothes are going to start falling off you. Yes, this is incredible, but at the same time it can be very stressful when you know you must keep buying new clothes.


So, here are some fashion tips to help you through your weight loss journey.

  1. Buy clothes tighter. There is no doubt that you will have to get new clothes soon after you start your weight loss journey. This can get extremely expensive keeping up with your shrinking body. It might feel uncomfortable at first but buying clothes a little snug will make them last so much longer.
  2. Layers! Utilize cardigans or other layers, especially if you got a tank that might be a little smaller and you want to cover up an insecurity area. Layers can also help with making different outfits with the same clothes. 
  3. Get 2 pairs of pants and switch them out throughout the week. Don’t go get 100 pairs of pants right now. The time will come for you to get a whole new wardrobe. 
  4. Feel good in your skin at every size! Have fun with this and try new styles out throughout the journey.
  5. Shop online! There are some amazing little boutiques for plus sizes that I never knew about until recently. It can be cheaper to get things online sometimes. The only downside is that you can’t try the items on first. My new favorite is a site called Rosegal. Check it out!
  6. Donate. You will go through your clothes fast, so donate the items that don’t fit you anymore. More than likely they will be clothes in very good condition. It will help justify the purchases you have to make knowing that they will go to a good cause after you are done with them.
  7. Be patient. The time will come for a new wardrobe. Use that as motivation to get you to your end goal. Use as many clothes as you have now and jazz them up on your own so you don’t spend too much money.


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