Christmas Gift Ideas for Bariatric Patients

It’s the holiday season! You might be getting asked what you want for Christmas, and if you are like me, you might not know how to answer. Well, I have an idea! You are a bariatric patient and your life more than likely has completely changed. You can leverage this holiday season with the deals and gifts to find things that will help you on your journey. 

As a bariatric patient, here are some items you might want to put on your wish list. 

  1. Fitness tracker. Whether it is an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, I highly recommend investing in a fitness tracker. This helped me so much on my journey. I wear my Apple Watch every single day and it helps me keep up with my activity. My heartbeat can get a little high when I am working out, so I like the fact that I can check it to make sure I am still in a healthy range. There are so many amazing features on fitness trackers so I encourage you to research which one would be best for your lifestyle and goals. 
  2. New wardrobe. This is huge! I have spent so much money over the years on clothes. When you are on a weight loss surgery journey, you lose weight extremely fast. This means you go through clothes fast as well. Once you start shrinking, it feels like your clothes do not last long at all. A great Christmas gift would be a gift card to one of your favorite stores so you can stock up on some clothes. 
  3. Gym membership. I think this could be a neat gift because sometimes we tell ourselves we cannot afford going to the gym. This is a good opportunity to ask for something that will truly help your health.
  4. Conference ticket. One of the best parts about the bariatric community is the conferences that exist. Some of my best memories are at bariatric conferences where I have met some of my closest friends. If you have never been to a conference, I highly recommend that you check one out. We are living in different times right now with COVID-19, but there are still virtual options available. 
  5. Portion control tupperware. As bariatric patients, it is so important that we have the tools and resources we need to succeed. Portion control tupperware has really helped me stay on track with my meals. They are extremely helpful if you are still learning how much food is appropriate. Measuring food is critical for your success, so these tools really help train your brain. 

There are so many gifts out there that I am sure we would all like to receive. However, I encourage you to use this time to find items that will help you on your bariatric journey. Your family and friends will love supporting your healthy new lifestyle. Remember, this is the new you. Enjoy the holidays and take time to relax because you deserve it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

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