Benefits of Working out after Bariatric Surgery

One of the most popular questions people ask about weight loss surgery is, “will I have to work out to lose the weight?” It’s a very simple question with a more complicated answer. No, you don’t “have” to work out to lose the weight, but you certainly should. The great thing about bariatric surgery is that if you follow the system, you should lose weight relatively fast. It is an amazing tool that can help you jump start your weight loss journey. For many people, they don’t have to work out to lose the weight. For others, they have to add it in as well. It really depends on the person in terms of weight loss numbers.

With that being said, there are so many benefits to working out. As bariatric patients, it’s important to make a true lifestyle change, which should include putting in some sort of fitness routine. It isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about being healthy. Working out provides so many benefits, including:

1. Increased energy. In the world we live in, who wouldn’t want more energy? It is hard at first, but once you get a good routine going, working out really does help with energy levels.

2. Happiness levels. Feeling down? Try working out! The high you get from working out will instantly put you in a better mood.

Working out after bariatric surgery

3. Better sleep. Studies show that people sleep better when they are active. Sleep is critical for your health so it is important that you take it seriously and get the proper amount.

4. Improved confidence. When you put the effort into bettering yourself, you will have better self-esteem. It is so important to love yourself on this journey and working out really helps get you there.

Working out after bariatric surgery

5. Tighten skin. Working out can help with the loose skin you might experience after quick weight loss. By building muscle mass, you will help your skin tremendously.

Stop making up excuses. You will feel so much better with an exercise plan. Start small but do something to better yourself every single day! It’s good for your heart, your mind, and your soul.

Working out after bariatric surgery

“What fits your busy schedule better, exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?”

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Benefits of Working out after Bariatric Surgery

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