Bariatric Friendly Halloween Treats

With Halloween right around the corner, I was in the spirit to make some Halloween treats that are bariatric friendly. Your sweet tooth will love these super light treats!

Candy Corn Parfait

This first one is my favorite and is super cute. The ingredients you will need are:

-          Sugar free vanilla pudding

-          1 Tangerine

-          Fat free whipped cream

-          1 piece of candy corn

Use a clear cup as this will make it easier to see the candy corn design. Start by adding the sugar free vanilla pudding to the bottom of the cup. Make sure you have a spoon to even out the pudding evenly. Next, pull apart one tangerine into pieces and lay them directly on the sugar free pudding. Once the tangerine pieces are in place, spray the fat free whipped cream on top. Lastly, use 1 piece of candy corn to top it off. Tada! You have a healthy parfait with less than 150 calories and only 3g of sugar.


Banana Ghosts

All you need for this recipe is a banana and some black icing. You can spice it up even more by getting candy eyes. For these ghosts, cut the banana in half. You might find it helpful to use a popsicle stick to put the banana on after you cut it. This will make eating it easier. Once you cut the banana in half, draw the eyes and mouth with the black icing. Be careful with how much icing you use though. Add the eyes if you have them and enjoy! This recipe is also tasty when you add Greek yogurt. Dip the banana in Greek yogurt and freeze overnight before drawing on the face. Super easy, super cute recipe that bariatric patients can enjoy!


Pretzel Brooms

Lastly, and probably the easiest of all three Halloween treats is the pretzel broom. All you need is pretzel sticks and string cheese. Cut the piece of string cheese in half and spread out the ends with a knife. Cut the string cheese into strands at the end to give it the broom look. Once you do this, stick the pretzel stick in the string cheese and you have a broom!


What are your favorite Halloween themed recipes? Can you make them bariatric friendly? Comment below and let us know! 

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